Corporate events in Constanța

For business meetings, training sessions, seminars or conferences, we have a specialised team that will work with you to establish all the details of your corporate event. Continental Forum Hotel Constanța has four conference rooms suitable for any type of corporate event. They have natural or artificial light and are equipped with modern technical equipment (video projector, flipchart, pointer, consumables. The capacity of the rooms starts from 20 seats, and the rental rates start from 350 lei.

coffee break

Coffee Break & Lunch

20 - 300 seats 4 halls

Experience has taught us that in a successful corporate event, coffee breaks and lunch are the key moments in which relationships are forged, partnerships are discussed and partnerships are strengthened. For this reason, we want the products we serve to add flavour to the business meetings hosted by our hotel.

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Packages with coffee and lunch breaks are available in two versions. The simple package includes water, tea and coffee, and the complex package includes pastries (salty and sweet), mini cakes, bruschettas and fruit.

Depending on your needs, the menus can be customised to each type of event.


Lunch break

If you choose to have lunch between presentation sessions or after the conference, we have two options. Depending on the specifics of the event and the number of participants, lunch can be served either as a buffet or on a plate. Meals can be served in the restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel or in the coffee break area near the conference rooms.


We are aware that each customer requirements are unique. This is the reason why we adapt to your needs and we always try to find the right solutions.


If you choose a complex menu package for your coffee break, we can offer you a variety of pastries and mini cakes produced right in your own laboratory.


Business Meetings

20 - 300 seats 4 halls

For business meetings or conferences, we can arrange one of the four conference rooms in standard styles: theater, classroom, U-shape, boardroom, ballroom or standing cocktail.

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The hotel’s 4 conference rooms are the ideal choice for any type of corporate event and have a capacity ranging from 20 to 300 people.

The rooms are equipped with video projector, flipchart, projection screen, sound system, simultaneous translation system and free wireless internet. We welcome you with two modular rooms, which can be divided differently depending on your needs.



Our conference rooms are elegantly decorated and feature the right equipment for  business meetings to be as productive as possible.


Two of our rooms are modular and can be transformed into a single generous space of 74 square meters.

corporate parties

Corporate parties

50 - 300 seats 2 halls

Continental Forum Constanța offers the optimal facilities for organising corporate parties, festive parties or Christmas parties dedicated to partners or colleagues.

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Regardless of the requirements, the Ovidiu and Prestige event rooms are ideal for corporate parties.

The Prestige Hall, recently renovated and modernised, will surprise you from the entrance with its unique style. It has up to 150 people and offers all the assets needed to organise a remarkable event.

Ovidiu Hall can host corporate parties of up to 100 people and can be arranged and decorated according to the theme of the party.



By collaborating with our partners, we can also organise events with thematic cuisine or with animation. In this way, the event has a touch of originality and can become more interesting. We can put you in touch with our partners or we can organise the event with them, so that we fully respect your needs and requirements.


Given the experience we have in organising parties, we can advise you in choosing the perfect menu depending on the number of people and preferences. Leave the details of the organisation to us, you come with good will!


Our rooms have an elegant design, and we can choose the table arrangements with you. For parties that take place in the warm season, we also provide the outdoor terrace.